I have been a huge Blur-fan since I was about 20 years old or so, and I finally got to see them perform live at Øya tonight :) (I will forever and ever (and ever) have a crush on Damon Albarn).


The set-list was great! I had plenty of beer spilled on me, and several people stepped on my feet (in the most brutal way) but it was totally worth it :)


Allen likes Blur.

Allen likes Blur.

Otherwise, I am kind of obsessing over this tune right now. Thanks Javier! :)

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  1. Susan Khanoom Post author

    I know! It is interesting, different and not in the least formulaic. I wasn’t aware of Mala Rodriguez prior to you sending the memory stick, but I’ll be downloading a lot of her music, She is too cool! :)
    Oh, and it was definitely worthwhile despite the feet and all :)

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