On things I don’t understand

I don’t understand a lot of things. In fact, I would say that proportionally, the things I don’t understand heavily outweigh the ones I do understand. I tried to paste the pie-chart of my general understanding of stuff below, but it turns out that that’s another thing I just don’t know how to do.  You’ll just have to click the link if you’re interested.

Pie chart

Among the many things I don’t understand are:

Instruction manuals.

Why (some) people bother to engage in pointless conflicts.

Fashion, and why people are willing to spend ludicrous amounts of money on it.

Expensive cars/handbags/other luxury-goods that’ll only depreciate in value.


Why political debaters nowadays seem to focus more on tearing the opponent down rather than on presenting coherent arguments.

The elections are nearing here in Norway and it looks like we’re heading in a more conservative/fiscally liberal direction. I’m not crazy about it, but outside of voting, there’s little I can do. I am quite open about my political views; I’m a leftie (big surprise eh?) and my party is SV (Socialistic left-party. It is less dramatic than it sounds). I don’t mind having to pay taxes; I think immigration is stellar and that we should welcome it; I dislike NATO intensely; I think we have a responsibility to help those who are struggling and I think “The Invisible Hand of the Market” is brutally unfair at times. So, there’s that. Sometimes though, I find myself  less than impressed with those who are on my side. Like today. I was walking downtown (again); the political parties had booths and representatives standing along Karl Johan’s street (the main street in Oslo). Most approached me in a friendly way and I accepted all the flyers I was given (I always do. I don’t know why, and I should probably stop, cause I end up carrying around a ton of garbage that I’ll likely never read).


Garbage that I for some reason accepted

Garbage that I for some reason accepted


The totality of useful stuff I was handed. On Falun Gong and human rights abuses in China; on Kurds in Syria and on executions in Iran. Links to the texts can be found below.

The totality of useful stuff I was handed. On Falun Gong and human rights abuses in China; on Kurds in Syria and on executions in Iran. Links to the texts can be found below.

But one of the ladies from SV  was just plain scary. She approached me, almost yelling, “STEM SV!!!!!!!” (VOTE SV!!!!!!  I normally don’t use more than one exclamation mark, but all the ones used are warranted, that’s how loud and angry she was). I replied (using my indoor-voice) “I already do”. Instead of saying something like “hey, that’s great!” or “Thank you” she (again nearly yelled) MAKE ALL YOUR FRIENDS VOTE SV TOO !!!!!!”

 I can’t make anyone do anything..  And Lady, that’s a horrible way to recruit new voters. Most people prefer not being yelled at, and if you’re trying to garner votes, it would probably be better if you explained why one should vote for your party rather than yelling at people and slamming the opposition. It may be so that the lady does not mind being yelled at, but when I am to present a case, I try to think of how I prefer being talked to. I like it when people are somewhat calm, or at least not aggressive. They can be enthusiastic, eager and even loud, but when you approach me with an aggressive command, you lose me.  I like it when people assume that I have a certain level of intelligence; this is currently almost absent from the political debates. The B.S that is presented is staggering, and there are Straw Men and Red Herrings all over the place . I tend to look for logical inconsistencies in my own argument, while many politicians seem to build their arguments on (almost) nothing but (I must admit that I sometimes question their intellegence/Intelligance/intellugens intelligence (heh :D). I tend to try to present my case by stating what is favourable about my stance and backing it up with data/research-findings, while in politics, it seems to be all about showing why and how everyone else is wrong. My way is of course not the only way, but there’s got to be a better method than the one that is currently employed.

I really don’t have a conclusive statement today, maybe just “don’t yell at people if you want them on your side”?

International Committee Against Execution: On Iran

Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong

About Falun Gong

The last flyer did not have a internet address; it is on the situation Syrian Kurds are facing in Syria. If anyone wants to read it let me know and I’ll scan it.


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