Update on the Insanity in Norwegian Politics..


Hey, so did you hear  about the new Norwegian minister of Justice?

Fortunately, Listhaug is now gone. And we all rejoiced!

Well… At least up until the moment we found out who our elected officials chose as her replacement.

Per Sandberg.

What a delightful fellow!

What a delightful fellow!

He once headbutted a refugee. He now has a criminal record because of the incident.

He drove 100 km. pr. hour in a 60 km. Zone. That’s another entry in his criminal record.

He drank (plenty of) hard liquor prior to speaking in the Norwegian Parliament.

He has advocated for allowing alcohol-safe roads. That is, making roads safer for intoxicated people to drive on. I am dead serious. He (in all seriousness) stated that the roads should be improved in a manner that facilitates drunk driving.

So, I am under stricter restrictions than Per Sandberg. I have to have a clean record with the police to work in a school.  A basketball, football or any other coach must have a clean record. To work in a kiosk at the airport, you must provide a clean record, and your record has to be clean if you want to work in security.

To work as cleaning crew in a school? Yup, you have to have a clean record. Yet, the Minister of Justice seems to be exempt.

I’m (very, very reluctantly) going into politics. I hate having to do it (‘m a very bad liar, so I’ll be a horrible politician), but someone has to stand up against this foolishness. And, I have dragged Kathrine  into this mess. We’re going to fix Norway.
Stay tuned!

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